About Connie

Connie Harms brings experience and passion to your bookkeeping

Connie Harms is the founder of CFD Approved Bookeeping. She brings her clients 12+ years of bookkeeping experience. She is passionate about continued learning to maintain her knowledge of the accounting industry, and is about to receive her Certified Professional Bookkeepers designation. Dedication to her clients and a true love for numbers have helped her build her great reputation among small and medium-sized business owners.

Her love affair with the world of accounting and taxation began in high school. For more than 12 years she has held various positions mainly in accounting roles. This on-the-job experience, plus her passion for number crunching set the stage for more than your average bookkeeper.

A mixture of skill and software lets Connie keep your business's books clean

With the combined use of skill and strategic software, Connie can help you make your paperwork and business run smoothly. Her years of hands-on experience allow Connie to properly assess exactly what your business’ books need. Shifting landscapes in the bookkeeping and accounting industries require up-to-date knowledge. Affordable fees and exceptional time management make Connie and CFD Approved Bookkeeping a clear choice.

Connie has been the go-to accountant for small and medium-sized business owners in Alberta for over a decade. She is well known in the local community for her skill and dedication to detail. Connie can complete any job from start to finish and in a timely manner. Clean bookkeeping begins with the setup and requires skill and maintenance. Not only is she knowledgeable as a bookkeeper, but she is trusted and easy to work with. She can make even your most daunting bookkeeping job seem easy.