Our Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

CFD Approved Bookkeeping is ready to help you with all of your small and medium-sized business bookkeeping needs. Our bookkeeping and tax services are necessary to the efficient operation of your business. Connie and her team can walk you through exactly the services you need, or could benefit from. CFD Approved Bookkeeping hopes to help their clients make informed decisions.

Within her practice, Connie Harms works closely with complimentary professionals to provide a full range of services to her clients. Business owners should be selective when choosing how to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting. Connie hopes to only provide the best for all of her clients.

Connie is dedicated to her clients. She expresses her dedication by participating in regular training courses to remain up-to-date with current legislation and standards. Continued education is important to the ever-evolving world of bookkeeping.

While CFD Approved Bookkeeping is based out of Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta, we are able to help businesses across the country with their bookkeeping and accounting.

CFD Approved Bookkeeping specializes in the following areas:


Complete preparation of year-end working papers

Let CFD Approved Bookkeeping help you get ready for your accounting firm to process year-end financial statements. Annual reports like these must be completed properly for a business to run smoothly. Our team can take care of all of your year-end requirements.

Small business consultations and setup

Connie and CFD Approved Bookkeeping have worked with so many small to medium-sized business owners, that they have a few tricks and tips they can share with you. A clean start up creates clean books from the beginning, so bookkeeping services will cost you less money and time later on.

Preparations of Personal Income Tax Returns

CFD Approved Bookkeeping does more than just business accounting. Let Connie and her team take care of your personal income tax returns, so you can spend more time on important things. Just send her all of your documents, and rest easy while Connie straightens out your paperwork. CFD Approved Bookkeeping is Efile and Netfile authorized.

We deal with receipt nightmares, so you can spend time operating your business

Busy business owners don’t always have time to keep track of all the small things, like receipts. These small tasks add up, and can become daunting very fast. Connie and her team at CFD Approved Bookkeeping can help you maintain your books, from the most monotonous tasks to the larger projects.


GST, WCB and Payroll related assistance

Bookkeeping can be overwhelming, especially if you are busy or first-time business owner. Let CFD Approved Bookkeeping help ease your accounting pain with our trained team of professionals. Whether you are having trouble with your GST filing, your payroll, or your Worker’s Compensation coverage, we can help. We can assist you in all of your accounting problems, and guide you towards positive decisions to help keep your books and business clean.

Full cycle bookkeeping

Not many people realize that well maintained books are easier to settle at the end of each tax year, sales year or purchasing year. Our team can complete your full cycle accounting duties from start to finish, and on time. We understand that the length of a full cycle differs between businesses. This type of service includes day-to-day operations of a business, with statements available whenever necessary. We help you with exactly what you need for your business to run smoothly.

Troubleshoot bookkeeping and accounting related issues

Are you having trouble with your books, but you aren’t sure where? Do you know the basics, but just need a little bit of guidance to overcome the big problems in your books? CFD Approved Bookkeeping provides one-time troubleshooting and coaching services for all of your bookkeeping woes.

We provide only the most accurate information, and pride ourselves in our relevancy within the bookkeeping and accounting industry. We want our clients to feel confident with their business-related decisions.

QuickBooks bookkeeping setup and training

We offer easy accounting software, so you can start your business’s bookkeeping correctly. Our team can help you set up your QuickBooks, then let you go it alone. For those do-it-yourself type business owners, we offer one-time training and setup workshops at affordable rates, so you can hit the ground running. Clean books are easier to maintain with a fresh start, so let us help you put your best foot forward for your small business bookkeeping.

QuickBooks is a user-friendly option for most business owners. This program helps you manage and pay bills, create invoices, scan receipts, track expenses, pay your employees. If you require more accounting assistance later on, QuickBooks lets us help you hassle-free.

Preparation of government related compliance forms

We can prepare all of your government standard forms, so that you have more time to do other things. For example, we prepare T4, T4A, T5 slips and summaries, ROE’s, HST, WCB, CPP, OAS, GIS - the list goes on.

Provide regular operating statements

CFD Approved Bookkeeping can provide operating statements on a monthly or weekly basis. We want your business operations to be clear and easy for you to understand. We believe regular updates help keep small business owners aware and informed.

Maintain confidentiality regulations

Confidentiality is important to our team of experienced bookkeepers and accountants. We communicate with you about who is entitled to which information before we begin any job. If you have multiple employees, we want to know exactly who to communicate with to receive accurate information.